Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking
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The 8 Best Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking You Should Try

In fact, when going on a picnic, no matter how well prepared you are, you will accidentally forget something that you do not bring. The same goes for picnic food, when it is needed, it is not available, and what is prepared is not used. These shares will help you have The 8 Best Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking, let’s explored:

The 8 Best Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

1. Noodles- a lifesaver after a long night

If you’ve ever gone camping, your favorite feeling is sitting down with a bowl of hot noodles in the cool air both at night and early in the morning. It’s not anything fancy, but it doesn’t feel high. You should choose cup noodles or canned noodles, it will be more convenient than having to carry many dishes and chopsticks. Buy enough or excess, you can still take it home. Along with the convenience of moving, boil a little hot water and you can enjoy the top noodle dish.

Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

2. Snacks, cakes

Everyone thinks that they have to be sophisticated to go camping or picnic with peace of mind. But in fact, simplicity is happiness. Snacks make snacks when setting up camp or even talking with friends on a picnic. It is also a Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking that children love.

Depending on the preferences of your family, you can choose from many different types of snacks or snacks. Note if the group has children to buy snacks that are a little less spicy. Buy a bag with a zip to store it after use.

3. Fruits – indispensable camping food

If you go to a picnic without bringing fruit, there is nothing wrong with that. Depending on the season you can bring apples, oranges, grapes, or mangoes, but they are less bruised when transporting.

Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

Remember to bring a knife for peeling and seasoning. After quite boring baked goods, sour fruits balance the taste well and make it easier for you to digest. Note that you should wash the fruit thoroughly before taking it, but eating miscellaneous blames you for bad luck.

4. Filtered water

Something incredibly simple, isn’t it? But if you try not to bring filtered water to camping, you will know immediately. When tired, the body needs simply white water. If you camp in service areas, you can buy water, if you camp in the forest or in the sea, where can you get water?
If the area you go to has a campsite, you do not need to bring too much because the water is quite heavy and difficult to move. In addition, you can bring some other carbonated soft drinks. Carbonated drinks are very good for the digestion of meats, especially baked goods.

  • Note: It is recommended to buy the type with a screw cap, not buy the can, if you don’t drink it all, you can screw the cap to avoid spilling the tent or picnic mat. Check the carbonated water before use, because the process of moving a lot causes the water to “erupt” too much.

5. Grilled vegetables

Corn and baked potatoes are the most popular Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking. Last time, when it was early autumn, but forgot to buy corn and baked potatoes, and I was yelled at too much. The feeling that the weather at night falls a bit cold, but sitting and breathing hot potatoes, and grilled corn, there is lightheadedness. Both potatoes and corn are very affordable and transported freely without worrying about stamping or damage.

Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

  • A little tip for you when buying picnic food: should buy corn as fresh as possible, and seeds of moderate age. Buy old potatoes to make them sweeter.

4. Vegetables are essential Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

After all meat dishes, a little grilled vegetable is a great suggestion for you. Eggplant, cauliflower, okra, and baby corn are also not bad choices for the best picnic meal. Also, a very easy dish to make in Japan is iced cucumber. Just wash the melon, cut off the ends and skew the marinated barbecue in the freezer and enjoy very cool and strange.

5. Vegetable salad

Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

Another easy dish to make when preparing Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking is a salad. Just chop cherry tomatoes, lettuce, or vegetables of your choice mixed with salad vinegar or mayonnaise. Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking, and camping like salads, you just need to prepare the vegetables in advance and mix them with vinegar so that the vegetables are not crushed.

6. Grilled BBQ is a must-have when it comes to Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

As a pair of similar articles referring to picnics or camping, people immediately think of outdoor BBQs. A specialty that anyone who wants to have the most perfect outdoor experience cannot be ignored. Let’s have a look at the delicious dishes for camping with Ho Dong Do.

7. Grilled meat skewers with vegetables

Ingredients: Pork or beef marinated with grilled spices, cut into bite-sized pieces, red-yellow bell pepper, eggplant also cut to taste. Then just intertwine with skewers to have attractive meat skewers to forget the way back. When the afternoon wind blew, the aroma of grilled meat filled the whole place. Just hearing it makes my heart flutter. Pay attention to a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent the meat from burning.

8. Grilled Chicken

Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking

Continue the column eating shore and sleeping dust. What’s better than grilled chicken on a charcoal fire? No exaggeration, the whole meal was just waiting for this dish. Ingredients include whole chicken, of course, chicken, and then grilled chicken and duck. Seasoning is very important in relation to the taste of the dish, but that’s just a weekday, if you go camping or picnic, you’ll be lucky. Even without marinating when hungry, they tear each other apart. I don’t know if it’s Camping Food Ideas Without Cooking or primitive food.

Some notes to have the safest and most fun camping trip

  • If going in the summer, you should use an ice box, or store food in a cool place with ice. Avoid rancidity due to environmental influences.
  • Bring digestive medicine, and find out if the picnic area has a toilet.
  • After eating, clean up the garbage and leftovers, otherwise, uninvited guests will come at night like bears, monkeys, and mice.
  • If doing outdoor BBQ, prepare a grill, grill, charcoal, and fire starter. You can rent it if you rarely use it, the new purchase price is not too expensive.