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The 13 Best Healthy Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys

How to build a healthy Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys, and ensure safety for health is what a lot of thin people look for. Many people think that just eating a lot will gain weight. However, if you eat a lot but not properly and scientifically, it sometimes has the opposite effect and harms your health. Here is our guide for Healthy Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys, let’s explored

The reason why skinny people are malnourished, it is difficult to gain weight

A person’s weak physical condition is frequently the result of inadequate dietary intake or inadequate Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys intake relative to energy expenditure. With this particular group of subjects, they can put on weight quickly if they have the right nutrition and relaxation. However, there are situations where the body finds it difficult to acquire weight owing to physical factors or diseases, so even if you eat a lot and get appropriate nutrients, your body weight may not change. Therefore, those who are thin must first comprehend the root of this situation if they hope to acquire weight. The following are the primary causes of slim people’s difficulty gaining weight:

1. Poor absorption of nutrients

When food is loaded into the body of this group of subjects, the nutrients from the food are not absorbed by the intestinal tract but are excreted out. Since then, the body has become thin and pale. Because malabsorption is not an isolated disease, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. However, according to experts, this condition is the result of many living and geographical factors such as:

  • Damage to the intestinal mucosa due to infection, imbalance of intestinal microflora, inflammatory bowel disease, lactose intolerance, impaired pancreas;
  • Digestive enzyme deficiency;
  • Stomach – duodenal pain;
  • Accumulation of many toxins in the body makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, and the immune system declines;
  • Parasites that cause disease: Hookworms, roundworms.

1. High energy conversion capacity

This indicates that skinny individuals who struggle to put on weight have greater than average daily energy expenditure. Hot skin and a fast heartbeat are typically signs of a high energy metabolism. As a result, these subjects have an extremely tough time putting on weight. Because the slender group finds it difficult to put on weight and the energy metabolism needs to function correctly, include cool foods in your daily menu while limiting soft drinks, and stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, coffee, etc.

Nutrition advise for skinny people

Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys

It is recommended to follow the Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys with the following food groups:

  • Starch: Including foods such as rice, and bread, … help distribute enough energy for the body to function every day. According to nutrition experts, skinny people are required to eat enough 12kg of starch within 1 month to meet the body’s energy needs;
  • Fruits, tubers, and vegetables: Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These are chemicals that support improved energy metabolism and digestive system efficiency. A healthy Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys should include 10 kg of green vegetables every month, along with as many ripe fruits as they can handle. Because dried fruit has 5-8 times more calories than fresh fruit, it is also good food for weight growth.
  • Protein: Gives the body the amino acids it needs to build muscles and tissues. To have enough energy and put on weight more quickly, thin people need to boost their protein supplementation. Legumes are a good source of vegetable protein, and eating a balanced Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys that includes sources of animal protein (eggs, meat, fish, milk, etc.) will successfully help you lose weight. Slim persons should have 1.5 kg of red meat, 2.5 kg of fish, 2.5 kg of beans, and other foods high in protein each month;
  • Fat: Thin people should prioritize vegetable fats to ensure good health. At the same time, thin people should not load too much fat into the body, maintaining no more than 600g/month is appropriate;
  • Sugar: This can provide instant energy to the body but does not contain the group of nutrients needed to help gain weight. Therefore, thin people do not need to eat too many sugary foods, and should only be maintained at no more than 500g/month;
  • Salt: A group that should not eat too much when building a daily nutritional menu for thin people because eating a lot of salt can have negative effects on health. Pay attention to using iodized salt when cooking to add iodine to the body.

The 13 Best Healthy Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys

Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys

  • Rice:

Contains less fat, and provides a lot of carbohydrates. 1 bowl of rice contains about 4.5g of protein and 206 calories. Therefore, rice helps to gain weight very well;

  • Chicken breast:

There are 165 calories in 100g of chicken meat. Chicken has a lot of calories and protein, doesn’t cause the body to store fat, and can effectively help thin people gain weight. In addition, chicken contains a lot of tryptophan, which helps to raise serotonin levels in the brain and so reduces stress;

  • Eggs:

An average egg contains 90 calories. This cuisine is effective at promoting weight gain and muscular growth. Eggs are also a good source of vitamin D and selenium. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system, maintains bones and teeth strong, and supports the body’s metabolism.

  • Beef:

In 100g of lean beef, there are 332 calories, making it easier for skinny people to gain weight. In particular, beef also has a natural amount of creatinine, which enhances protein synthesis for cells to improve body weight quickly;

Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys

  • Fish:

100g of fish contains 206 calories. The best fish for weight gain are grouper, trout, and rainbow trout. Tuna is also a good choice. However, tuna has a high mercury content, so we should not eat it more than 1-2 times a week;

  • Milk:

1 cup of milk can contain 122 calories. Milk is high in protein, fat, good calcium, vitamins, and minerals. At the same time, milk is also high in casein and whey proteins – proteins that are good for the body. Drinking milk helps to improve physique, gain weight quickly;

  • Pork:

100g of pork contains up to 548 calories, so this is good food for those who want to gain weight fast. However, pork has a lot of cholesterol, so it’s best to choose lean meat to gain healthy weight and have the desired body shape;

  • Kale:

Although protein is a crucial ingredient for muscle growth, users must also focus on giving their bodies the energy they need through a balanced Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys. This improves the protein’s absorption and utilization by the body. Therefore, those who are thin should combine a variety of vegetables high in vitamins, like kale and spinach;

  • Spinach:

This veggie aids in muscular growth and fat burning. It enhances the body’s capacity to absorb additional nutrients, promoting increased muscle growth;

  • Lentils:

Both vegetarians and carnivores should take advantage of this excellent source of plant-based protein. Moreover, they give the body up to 40g of slowly absorbed carbs, keeping athletes full of energy and minimizing cravings;

  • Greek Yogurt:

Due to the complex processing, Greek yogurt contains twice the protein content of regular yogurt. It is also a rich source of vitamin D, which supports strong bones and plays an important role in protein synthesis, helping to promote muscle growth. Users can eat Greek yogurt with fruits and nuts;

  • Almonds:

This is a great snack with high levels of protein, healthy fats, and magnesium, which are important for energy metabolism and protein synthesis.

  • Other foods:

Honey (1 scoop contains 64 calories), avocado (1 cup contains 240 calories), peanut butter (100g contains 589 calories), cheese (100g has 353 calories), and chocolate (100g has 589 calories). 600 calories), potatoes and starch (oats, corn, squash, beans, …), and dried fruits are all good food groups for thin people who want to gain weight fast and healthy.


Weight gain is a process. Therefore, thin people who want to gain weight safely to improve their physique should combine both eating scientifically, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and performing appropriate exercises. Follow our Bulking Diet For Skinny Guys you will be satisfied with the wonderful result.