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Detailed comparison of MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021

KIA Seltos was launched globally in June 2019 in India. Along with the KIA Sorento and Telluride, Seltos is one of the first CUV / SUV models of the KIA MOTORS product generation. In the last 8 days of August, car sales reached 6,200 units in India. At home, this CUV model is also in the top-selling car with sales of 6,109 units in August 2019. In September 2020, THACO officially introduced KIA Seltos with the message “Starting a new trend”, opening a new development phase of KIA with the spirit of “innovation and creativity”. After only a few months of opening for sale, KIA Seltos has proven to be in decline with sales always top selling cars. Most recently, in February 2021, sales of KIA Seltos hit 1,012 cars sold, ranking 2nd in the top 10 best-selling cars in Vietnam. Currently, KIA Seltos 2021 is being distributed domestically assembled, with 3 versions: Seltos Deluxe (589 million VND), Seltos Luxury (649 million VND) and Seltos Premium (719 million VND). Let’s find out the comparision of MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021 with Topfoodss!

Exterior MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021

Overall size and design

MG ZS LUX with dimensions Length x Width x Height is 4,323 x 1,809 x 1,653 (mm), wheelbase 2,585 mm, ground clearance 170 mmThis parameter on the KIA Seltos Luxury is 4,315 x 1,800 x 1,645 (mm), 2,610 mm and 190 mm. Thus, the base axis of the Korean car model is larger than that of its competitors, which will more or less affect the spaciousness of the space inside. In addition, a ground clearance greater than 20 mm also gives KIA Seltos an advantage when traveling on rough roads, or when climbing sidewalks into parking lots.

As two completely new products, MG ZS and KIA Seltos both show the latest of the two car manufacturers. MG ZS has an angular and sharp Brit Dynamic design language while KIA Seltos is a square, masculine Tiger Nose with a distinctive tiger nose. Specifically:

Similar to the new KIA SUVs, the Seltos front end also features a distinctive tiger nose style. The details are designed seamlessly together, stretching horizontally to create a sense of superficiality, pit. The center is the steering wheel with the embossed block pattern, chrome plated and connected to the headlamp cluster. Below, two undercarriage sockets are also connected to the grille, the highlight is the silver-plated cladding in the center.

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The details at the front of the MG ZS are designed separately, independently, but with sharp claws towards the steering wheel. This is the British Dynamic’s signature style on today’s MG models. The steering wheel with an alternating honeycomb pattern, large MG logo in the middle. In the latest upgrade, the headlamp strip is tweaked with a sharp hook-shaped LED strip. The bumper is also plated with silver.

 MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021
MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021

The biggest difference in the front of the car is the lighting system. Although KIA Seltos has a more sophisticated headlight cluster design, it only uses halogen lamps with ball bearings, halogen fog lights and LED daytime running lights. The MG ZS is equipped with LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights and fog lights. As a result, the light intensity and range are better than the competition. The common point is that the headlights of the two cars have automatic on / off feature, which is very suitable for cities with many underground tunnels. The capo part of the two cars is also created with two vein lines down the steering wheel, increasing the pit for the overall front.

Cockpit MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021

The design style of the cockpit of the two cars is quite similar, the details in the taplo are focused on the driver. To create an impression, KIA uses two opposing tones while MG embossed red thread in all details and imitation carbon lines. Besides, the interesting detail on KIA Seltos is the central screen that is designed in a cluster with clock specifications. On the MG ZS are two circular air-conditioning doors that simulate an airplane turbine.

Taplo surface of the two cars is mainly leatherette plastic, chrome plated. Column A is arranged neatly, convenient for the driver to observe.

 KIA Seltos
KIA Seltos
MG ZS 2021
MG ZS 2021

Equipment of MG ZS 2021 and KIA Seltos 2021

In terms of general comfort, both vehicles have Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatible touchscreen displays. Automatic air conditioning system with wind doors for 2 rear seats, USB charging port, HDMI, 6-speaker sound system. These are all essential options for today’s living needs. In addition, the MG ZS LUX version has more panorama panoramic sunroof, suitable for the preferences of many people.
In terms of driver comfort, the MG ZS LUX dominates the KIA Seltos Luxury. The car uses an electronic handbrake with Auto hold brake, which is extremely suitable for busy road conditions in Vietnam. When starting Auto Hold, every time the car stops waiting for the red light or traffic jam, the driver let go of the brake pedal, the car will stand still, no need to depress the brake pedal or pull the hand brake as traditionally.